22/10 PlatStars 2 ACES 2
26/10 ACES 1   Arrows 0
09/11 ACES 0   Ajax 0
22/11 Bidvest v ACES  
04/12 ACES v Sundown  
08/12 PolokCity v ACES  
14/12 ACES v FS Stars  
Pos Team P W D Pts
1 Sundown 9 6 2 20
2 SuperSp 10 5 3 18
3 PlatStars 10 4 4 16
4 Swallows 9 4 3 15
10 ACES 9 2 4 10
Pos Player Tot
1 Khenyeza 2 1 3
2 Clifford Ngobeni 2 0 2
3 Masina 1 0 1
4 Hendricks 1 0 1
5 Qalinge 1 0 1
  Match Action
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Aces' v Pirates date still unannounced

We'll publish the date as soon as the PSL announce it. The match was postponed to accomodate Pirates CAF commitments.

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